Start Wpf usercontrol binding not updating

Wpf usercontrol binding not updating

Xaml: Thanks you gave me a few things to think about that I didn't register before with latency and memory issues.

To notify changes in the code you have to raise it to let the UI know. I would like to let you know another solution in case you may find it useful You can put your data in a class and then assign it to the Data Context of your xaml. If I updated it from the usercontrol it wouldnt do anything unless I manually fired the event Yes: because when your textbox control changes, it fires an event so the binding knows to update.

Once you've done this you are very close to implementing the MVVM pattern which in my humble opinion is the best way to work with WPF. When your property was changing, you weren't firing any event, so the binding doesn't know to update.

I'm having difficulties with databinding on my custom user control(s).

The problem is that the data binding made by code works while the one made by xaml only works when I update the textbox directly.

The questions are: Sorry for the big quantity of code and questions but I'm starting to like WPF and I get somewhat frustrasted when I don't get things working. First().datavalue = count;" you can just modify your binded class directly Hope it helps Surprisingly it worked althought it shouldnt be necessary to use it.

I seached for similar questions, but only found people having problems when they had to update the control properties from the Main UI, not the other way, like me First don't despair! Your approach is correct once the property change has been added. I was wondering if this could make some incompatibilities as far as throwing 2 events if I modified it directly, but it worked fine, only one event throwed for textbox2... Yes, the problem is that I already had the path and the updatesourcetrigger in the xaml, and it worked perfectly if modified from the window directly without having to fire the event myself.

That User Control contains a button for a UIElement The User Control contains a Dispatch Timer and every 2 seconds based on some int values determines what the button image will be.