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Noah Nicholson is a struggling screenwriter embarking on a new love affair with newly out and much more successful screenwriter, Wade, while his friends, Alex Kirby, a HIV/AIDS counselor who is the matriarch of the group and struggling to keep his seven-year relationship with his anesthesiologist boyfriend Trey in tact; Ricky Davis, the owner of a trendy clothing store and is the playboy of the group; and Chance Counter, a recently married college professor who is skeptical about moving into a new home with his partner Eddie and his three year old daughter.

Valencia Robinson, field organizer of AIDS Action in Mississippi said that in a phone conversation with Thompson, Thompson said the reason Mississippi didn’t apply for the funding is because state legislators don’t care about gay men. “You can’t address the epidemic if you’re not addressing the people most affected by it.”Listen to the audio here. A gay black minister spoke at Oakland City Hall about preserving the right to marry.

Donate to No On 8 here In the third of installment of "Someone You Should Know" we're taking a look at the ministry of Rev. A compelling orator with the voice and showmanship of a stadium-rock star, Mr. Arc" grossed $161,302, averaging an astounding $32,260. You may not see these images apart of any of the campaigns, but the fight in these three states that will eventually spread across the nation is about us too. Do I think the gay community is pushing their issues to far?

The film opened in New York (Chelsea), Los Angeles (Sunset 5), Chicago (Century Centre Cinema), Atlanta (Landmark Midtown), and Washington, DC (E Street Cinema). Whether you want to get married today, tomorrow, or never you should have the right as a tax paying citizen to do so. Get involved and donate by clicking on the links above. JUST BECAUSE WE COME TO TERMS WITH SITUATIONS DOES NOT VALIDATE THE ISSUES. Do you think our people pushed the right to vote too far, the right to enter through the front and not the back too far, to stand up and let the world know they were not going to be oppressed any longer,was that too far?

The latest field poll released this morning shows that the ad campaigns released by No on 8 have reversed the deficit in the polls and we now have a narrow lead with 49% indicating they plan to vote no and 44% indicating they plan to vote yes. Jackson for No on 8 is quite significant and will hopefully influence other black voters to vote no on November 4. Meredith said, was Jesus’ injunction to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself, and that includes gay men and lesbians. I won't start to worry until you stop talking about me. Many thanks to all of you who support this site including the haters. I'll be taking an additional day off from blogging as I recuperate from an amazing weekend in New York City. So often people speak on issues they know absolutely nothing about.

If you live in California please talk to your friends and family about voting No On Prop 8. We should want to live in a country where we are all truly treated equally. Many thanks to Doug Spearman for being a face rarely seen on this issue. Dennis Meredith of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta began preaching acceptance of gay men and lesbians a few years ago, he attracted some gay people who were on the brink of suicide and some who had left the Baptist faith of their childhoods but wanted badly to return. Then, five years ago, his middle son, Micah, told him that he is gay. Meredith and his wife began to read liberal theologians like Mr. Here's something else you can add to the list below courtesy of MTV. The black gay dollar was in full effect as our community came out in full support of Noah's Arc in five cities across the country. It's so easy to rush to judgement and stand behind religion to validate personal ignorance, hate, and homophobia.

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At a rally in the Fruitvale district, another black minister said gay black people don't want to get married anyway."I am not trying to rail against gay people; we have gay people in our music department," Ray Williams, pastor of the First Morning Star Baptist Church in Oakland, said at the pro-Prop. "When you look at the people getting married in San Francisco, you didn't see very many blacks.