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Who is dating who celebrities

Dempsey's now-wife Jillian Fink was giddy when she found out that the TV star made an appointment for her to cut his hair. Fink still does Dempsey's hair, now as both his stylist and his wife.

A few celebrities have actually married their fans (some fans are even famous in their own right).

To see if your fave celeb is a fan dater check out the gallery below.

At first, the revelation was dismissed as a premature April Fools' joke, as the pair seemed almost comically well-matched.

Well, it's Valentine's Day, which means that if you haven't already done something special for your significant other, either you're a woman, so you don't have to worry about it, or you're a man, and you may want to start setting up a Tinder profile.

While neither Stewart nor Maxwell has commented on the relationship rumors, if they're true then this would be one seriously chic couple.

First Run December 20, 1965 – July 6, 1973 (ABC Daytime) October 6, 1966 – January 17, 1970 (ABC primetime) September 10, 1973 – September 1974 (Syndication) Second Run September 4, 1978 – September 1980 (Syndication) Third Run September 15, 1986 – September 8, 1989 (Syndication) Fourth Run September 9, 1996 – September 1999 (Syndication) The Dating Game is an ABC television show.

Of course, there might be extenuating circumstances. Drop any heavy machinery you may be operating and move to the edge of your seat.

Because Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have an important announcement to make regarding their family ...

Yesterday, we reported that Simon Saran inserted himself in the drama surrounding Tyler Baltierra joking confession that he cheated on Catelynn Lowell.

(We hope Tyler learned a valuable lesson about the Internet's inability to understand sarcasm.) Kanye West is at New York Fashion Week today and naturally, he's hosting a big event for his line of sweatshirts stolen from church donation boxes.

, the actress and the Victoria's Secret model have been spending time together in Savannah, Georgia, where Stewart is filming a new movie. She was with Kristen on the set most days and seemed to have fun."The couple was first spotted together back in May at the Met Gala.