Start What internet dating descriptions really mean

What internet dating descriptions really mean

Just about every dating site-even those with minimal profiles-have space for you to write about yourself and the person you'd like to date.

If you don't like your job, you can say something like: "Right now I'm working in sanitation so I'd be a liar if I didn't say my job stinks. But it's fine until I finish medical school and can start treating sick people.

(I promise to wash my hands first)." If you've got nothing good to say about your job-or you don't have one-then the best bet is to say nothing and talk about the job you'd like to do.

The easiest way to write a great description is to use a tight structure that covers the most important parts of your personality, lets people know a little bit about you-and makes them curious to find out more.

If you say that you're a conservative, liberals will believe that you're only looking for a small-government type, otherwise why bother putting your political views front and center?

In this section, we'll help you produce a description that attracts singles, invites emails and gets your dating life rolling faster.

It's important to remember that whatever you mention on a profile will always look far more important than it does in real life.

The first paragraph will talk about your work-the part of most people's life that takes the most time; the second paragraph will discuss what you do in your free time; and the third paragraph will talk about your personality: Self-Description-Type 1: I work as a tax attorney but I try not to talk about work too often. The work is actually less boring than it sounds and there are times I even catch myself wide awake in the office.