Start Virus definition distribution not updating

Virus definition distribution not updating

If you see any error messages when you try to install Virus Scan, here are some instructions that may help you get past these issues.

If computers are combined into groups and the optimal updating procedure is different for various groups, you can create a custom update task for each group.

Please keep in mind that if a parent and child groups have tasks of the same type, the hosts of the child group will run both tasks.

Standard schedule of Kaspersky Anti-Virus update tasks is When new updates are downloaded to the repository.

In that mode the Administration Server notifies client computers whenever new signature databases appear in its repository sending a corresponding signal to the UDP port 15000. Such schedule allows the computers to retrieve updates without delays and at the same time avoid overloading the Server with unnecessary queries.

Updates can be retrieved from the following sources: Updates are retrieved from the Administration Server by Network Agents.

Updates from the update servers of Kaspersky Lab or other FTP or HTTP locations are downloaded using the standard network protocols.

As an alternative, you may use a regular schedule running the update tasks, for instance, once an hour.