Start Updating to windows mobile 6

Updating to windows mobile 6

It's tough to get vendors and carriers to reveal plans for future OS updates.

Asus also offer updates for several of its Windows Mobile 5 PDAs and we're expecting others to follow suit.

Does anyone know where to find it and how to install it?

I am trying to update my Samsung Jack to Windows Mobile 6.5 but it won't just work!

I have a Dell Axim X50 running Windows Mobile 4 SE and I need to update it to at least Windows Mobile 5 for work.

The problem is that I can not find the windows Mobile 5 software anywhere.

There are also plenty of minor refinements sprinkled throughout the OS. But if your current device runs Windows Mobile 6.1, can you upgrade?

Unfortunately, many smartphones won't work with the new OS.

An application that implements functionality implemented in Windows Mobile 6.5 might behave differently on Windows Mobile 6.5 than Windows Mobile Version 5.0.