Start Updating sprint towers

Updating sprint towers

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Follow these steps: Using your aircard in a Cradlepoint router?

For many modems, you can update the PRL right from the router: Updating Your PRL in a Cradlepoint Router.

I've looked on the website for the code, but Sprint's website is worthless and impossible to navigate.

I know I can update the software via the phone menu, but I know there's a code to update the towers my phone recognizes.

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Your cell phone locks on to the signal(s) of the nearest cell phone towers, and stores them in memory as a way to reduce power consumption.

Occasionally (although it is rare), the tower locations stored in your phone's memory are used instead of the actual nearest tower, causing your signal quality to degrade.

All Verizon and Sprint EVDO modems have a Preferred Roaming List (or PRL) embedded in the card.

This list tells your card which towers to look for when establishing connection, including towers from other carriers that Sprint/Verizon has roaming agreements with.

Your EVDO modem does automatically "know" to add new towers to its PRL, so it is highly recommended that you manually update your PRL monthly so that you can ensure that your EVDO device is always able to connect to the currently available EVDO towers.