Start Updating roof antenna in co ops

Updating roof antenna in co ops

I seem to get requests from time to time, to bring up this topic on the blog. There are as many number of solutions to this as there are QRPers who like to go out into the field, and I have only tried a relatively minor few. You don’t want to be pumping RF into a string of wet pasta; but you want to spend your day outdoors operating – not finagling with antennas.

Say you’re going camping for a week and there are plenty of tall trees available – why not?

Even if you decide to use one of these as a sloper, you’ll need to keep the low end roughly six feet off the ground for safety reasons.

I have made 44 and 88 foot versions of the Norcal Doublet.

I have made them both out of ribbon cable and speaker wire.

As a side note, I have used Hamsticks which are kind of related to this.

They are quicker to deploy than either a Buddistick or PAC12 plunked on your car.

You will have to bring a ground spike or small tripod or some other self improvised arrangement to deploy one of these.