Start Trouble family responsibility office dating

Trouble family responsibility office dating

Perhaps there are local politics involved and by sheer bad luck the mother's lawyer backed the wrong horse.

It took Marin's staff more than half a year to get her the $10,000 she was owed.

"We raised the issue with senior FRO staff, and more than seven months after the problem was identified, it finally acknowledged that the case worker had wrongly determined that the woman was no longer entitled to support," wrote Marin.

The agency wrote her in April explaining why it won't fine her ex-husband for not disclosing where he's working.

"FRO made the decision to focus our efforts on collecting court ordered support obligations rather than exercising the offences provision under our legislation for a number of reasons," wrote Carolyn Calwell, assistant deputy minister of Community and Social Services.

The other reason why fathers get custody is when the judge has a personal beef with the mother's lawyer.

Perhaps the mother's lawyer stole a client of the judge when he was a lawyer.

So now you have a rough explanation apart from bias that explains why some decisions actually award custody and or access to fathers.

The problem is that Judges generally assume that children will go with mother regardless because she is "entitled to them" because she gave birth to them.

"Improved, but still over $200,000 not going to needy parents." There are also serious problems in cases where the person paying support or the recipients live outside Ontario, something the ombudsman raised in previous reports, and there are ongoing problems with mistakes by staff at the FRO.

The report cites the case of one woman who complained she stopped getting support payments for more than a year, and couldn't get anyone at the agency to call her back.

"The most compelling reason is that any fines paid upon conviction do not benefit the support recipient." Marin, who hopes to be reappointed for a third, five-year term, admitted he made mistakes in May with a social media campaign urging his 31,700 Twitter followers to pressure Premier Kathleen Wynne's Liberals to keep him as ombudsman.