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The accommodating company southgate

After the area for the new precinct had been cleared of the 1960s/1970s buildings, and before construction of the precinct's underground car park was started, an extensive archaeological project was carried out by Museum of London Archaeology Service to expose, study, and preserve underground structures such as sections of the original city wall, the 17th century 'Bum Ditch', a well and cellars from the 18th century, and the 19th century cobbles of the original Marchant's Passage.

South Gate is a shopping centre in Bath, Somerset, England, It is home to over 50 shops, 6 restaurants, 99 homes and an 860-space underground car park.

The limited company owes its well established position on the market and constant improvement to a group of two directors, who are Gillian Sinnott and John Anthony Sinnott, who have been presiding over the company since 2010.

Welcome The Accommodating Company is an independent letting agency established in 1992.

It replaced a shopping centre which was demolished in 2007.