Start Sharia law killing daughter for dating

Sharia law killing daughter for dating

In Sharia law, such person (Non Muslim man) is punishable by death.

But the crux of the matter is not these individual incidents but very ideology of Islam.

Before I close this post, I am presenting some more incidents of honor crimes; actually I can put up more reports here but I have decided to present only 15 or 16 reports.

In Real world, it is not entirely about individual cases, but it is also more about what Islam teaches and Islam's philosophy.

If one thinks Me and meforum are Islamophobic, they can read from Robert Fisk's article with the title 'A Crime wave that shames the world' (Highly recommended to read this), (Thanks to Ru**) which appeared in the Independent news paper (UK).

Here he details some incidents that took place in Pakistan and also West.

In the above article, mentioned already, by Robert Fisk, he writes: In August of 2008, five women were buried alive for "honour crimes" in Baluchistan by armed tribesmen; three of them – Hameeda, Raheema and Fauzia – were teenagers who, after being beaten and shot, were thrown still alive into a ditch where they were covered with stones and earth.

When the two older women, aged 45 and 38, protested, they suffered the same fate.

Many times, it is written here how Islamic law, derived from Koran and deeds of Mohammad, Prophet of Islam, makes one way traffic laws.