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We also had the walls and flooring padded with various straps in strategic places. There are exceptions, of course, and there can be too much of a good thing. Watch for the part where the "innocent" librarian lures Jerry O'Connell back to her place. Watch for the part where the "innocent" librarian lures Jerry O'Connell back to her place. Originally posted by The Mermaid Zappo you know, some manuevers are so dangerous that two spotters might not be a bad idea.

It’s true that words can touch her inner soul, but only a beautiful bouquet o…

Extra points if you can find an appropriate incense burner! A small fridge for strawberries/chocolate sauce/whipped cream/popsicles/etc.? You know, my wife and I had talked about this very idea for the past 8 years. You know the stereotypical type of love between a man and a woman and enough paraphanalia to accomodate a dinner party of 8. There is an upside to your partner having an epileptic siezure: for just a few seconds you'll probably think you made her come harder than anyone has in the history of the world!

Ok I've got the rough plan Built in platform roughly 6 feet by 6 feet, 28 inches high Leather covered cushions. We never really took it seriously, but it was fun to talk about. (any more and it's just too awkward) Originally posted by El Elvis Rojo Just out of curiosity, is a strobe light REALLY something you want in a sex room? I'm sorry, I'm not usually up this early in the summer. Blinking lights, horns, twirling naked lady statues?!!? Soroyama is still a cooler choice than Picasso, for a sex room anyway.

Our agent works full time for our company, and is there to help Russian women and foreign men with their search. It’s a well- known fact that men and women are totally different creatures. Everyone is arguing about the meaning of the word "love" - philosophers, doctors, scientists.

It can be seen in the way they are called: a man is the stronger sex, a woman is the weaker sex. Each of them has a point of view different from the other. Read more On our website you can find many beautiful Russian women, but how can you know who is the right one for you?

topped with ooodles of pillows and sensuous materials. Our sex room had most of what you have listed, Mermaid, but instead of leather cushons (too sticky to the skin when you sweat) it was velvet or satin. Having worked a job where I was required to stare at a strobe light for five hours straight, I have to say, they do get pretty damned annoying after a while. LC I have a couple of peacock feathers adorning my wall that get occasional use. And I'm not providing a link; it would be inappropriate and quickly deleted.

obligatory sex swing supporting hardware permanently installed Sybian in the corner, area under platform should be accessable for storage plan for strategically placed hand, foot holds also suitable for fastening strap like objects to. We also had a sex swing planned in the construction as well. And I don't know about you, but I find when my partner goes into an epileptic siezure, it kills the mood rather quickly. Yes, a strobe light makes just about anything a lot cooler. What kind of job had you looking at a strobe light for 5 HOURS? If you wanna see the ultimate in sex rooms, rent Tomcats. Originally posted by Horseflesh If you wanna see the ultimate in sex rooms, rent Tomcats. If we're gonna do movie references, the first thing this thread made me think of was Dudley Moore's room in that old seventies movie where Goldie Hawn is being stalked by the albino guy.............(opens another window to check Netflix)........ Just do a search for Soroyama, first name Haije or something.

" to "well hell if we were going to do that, then why not just designate one room in the house as The Sex Room and be done with it? It's 12x12 carpeted and already has large sliding mirrored closet doors. Well, keep in mind these are all things that I learned while living in a dorm in college, but I think they remain good advice today and still apply. It's not about filling the space with furniture but with expectation, excitement and fantasy.