Start Sex dating pay by paypal

Sex dating pay by paypal

If you don't believe that, read Craig's List and notice the number of female prostitutes compared to male prostitutes. Some of them are pretty darned interesting and not bad as lovers, especially considering the very little amount of time invested in getting to know them. I've never met a gigolo and the only "kept man" I ever knew was kind of pathetic. I've given it up for now but I know where and how to find them if I decide to do that again. For some reason I can't see him looking/being like Dermot Mulroney's character in "The Wedding Date".....some reason the word "gay as a mo-fo" comes to mind (OK... If I was ever so hard up for sex where I felt like I needed it right then and there....

With an escort, it's at your convenience, it's all about you, you can pick someone you find very do-able and there's no trainwreck waiting to happen. Sex is a need (for me) and I'd rather pay a profession to do the job right, then get unsatisfying sex for free.

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But I thought it was the men who always say they have to pay for it one way or the other?

I really wish men and women were on more of an even playing field when it comes to sex.

bwahahahahahahahahahthere will never be a need for this!!! Men often have to pay for sex, one way and another and expect it .

A woman would want an hot young escort for a dinner companion perhaps or to travel with, but never just pure sex.

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