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Some survivors claimed to have seen him holding a lantern at the site of the crash, however there was no evidence that Davis had anything to do with the incident. While in prison, Powers authored the book My Own Story in 1905.

On March 25, 1987, Marion was pardoned posthumously by the State of Nebraska on the 100th anniversary of his hanging.

Despite being generally known as the Salem witch trials, the preliminary hearings in 1692 were conducted in several towns in the Province of Massachusetts Bay: Salem Village (now Danvers), Ipswich, Andover, and Salem Town.

In November 1805, the body of a young farmer, Marcus Lyon, was found on the open road near the town of Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Once the trial began, they were convicted within minutes, under such flimsy evidence that one of the defense attorneys was led to declare that it was based simply on outright bigotry. He was convicted for the murder of Amasa Sprague, a Cranston textile factory owner.