Start Second life updating friends list

Second life updating friends list

Not just within the Second Life platform, to allow residents to use the content. “Linden Lab respects the proprietary rights of Second Life’s content creators,” he said.

After that List View update every second, but i have exception like this: Exception in thread "Thread-5"

Illegal State Exception: Not on FX application thread; current Thread = Thread-5. Having read the manual, I understood that we need to refresh UI in FX thread. Why are you running your background runnable on the FX Application Thread?

I have used Later(), but UI is slowing down by the end of the stream. You want to run on a background thread, and just schedule the updates to the list on the FX Application Thread.

Create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example to demonstrate what you are doing, and edit your question to include it.

Anyone added this way who is not on your friends list will not be treated as a friend.

Adding people this way is merely a convenience for listing and easily accessing names and for having them stand out with the use of color.

It all started in mid-August, Linden Lab changed its terms of service, and forced users to agree to it in order to continue accessing Second Life.

Under the new terms, Linden Lab gets the rights to do anything it wants with uploaded content. for any purpose whatsoever in all formats, on or through any media, software, formula or medium now known or hereafter developed.” And that includes the right to “sell, re-sell, sublicense, modify, display…” and “…make derivative works of.” Second Life spokesman Peter Gray sent a statement to New World Notes and Living in a Modern World saying that people who read the new terms as a content grab were mistaken.

The Contact Sets window is accessed from the top menu bar, Comm Contact Sets, by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C, or by opening your Conversations window, Contacts tab, Contact Sets sub-tab.

There is a Contact Sets button available for the Toolbar and it is also available as a tab in the People panel.

“As soon as you upload any content to Second Life you give Linden Lab unlimited and irrevocable rights to do whatever they want with your work,” the company said.