Start Scep client not updating

Scep client not updating

Although many of the procedures can also be performed from within your System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM) console, it is also vital to understand how to perform these procedures at a local client level.

We will update this post when Microsoft officially release their updated documentation.

Might only be a matter of updating their documentation.

For now, we will take the Windows 10 Technical Preview documentation and apply it to our Windows 10 RTM.

Once you’ve done this, you can click Cancel to close the Configuration Manager Client Package Properties window. The contents of the folder should be identical to the screen shot below. The only two files in this directory that we need right now are ep_and The hardest part of this recipe is locating your SCEP client installation media, because the only copy you’ll have is the one that’s been bundled with the SCCM client installation package.

By copying both the SCEP install exe and the policy xml file and then running them manually on a target client, you’ll end up with a SCEP client that starts off with a similar configuration to your normal SCCM-deployed SCEP clients.

The University recommends Microsoft Security Essentials for personal Windows based computers please visit Installing Microsoft Security Essentials for more information.

For personally owned Macs please install Clam X Antivirus.

Keep in mind that any future changes to this PC’s SCEP policy will need to be done manually.