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Sarah hyland and max ehrich dating

"I think there's something special in forming a relationship with just talking," she told ET in a recent sit-down. It's the key to any relationship." The 25-year-old actress is happily dating former "Vampire Academy" co-star Dominic Sherwood in real life, but her character in Netflix's newest film, "XOXO," is another story. I just like talking one-on-one." Hyland may consider her character naive, but Krystal also delivers one of the film's most memorable lines: "Part of growing up is accepting the fact that you're not going to get everyone's approval.

Son nouveau téléfilm, Le Geek Charmant, est sorti sur Disney Channel le où elle joue le rôle de Dylan Shoenfield.

Sarah suit des cours dans la prestigieuse école de New York, Professional Performing Arts School avec Taylor Momsen, Gregory Malek-Jones et Paul Iacono.

WATCH: Sarah Hyland Is 'Very Proud' of Ariel Winter's Body Confidence - 'She's Beautiful Inside and Out' Hyland admitted that even if she were single, she would "never" consider dating on the Internet. And if you don't love yourself, you can't love anyone else." As for the online trolls that target Hyland and her famous gal pals, she really can't be bothered with a clap back. I wish it didn't happen to anybody, but you have to have thick skin," she said.

"You have to believe in yourself and the people you surround yourself with. It doesn't matter what other people say, because as long as you love yourself, [who cares about] other people's opinions?

"She's really naive and very young, and believes in true love. "I have grown into myself as a woman," the "Modern Family" star explained.

She's just looking for that thing that she's always wanted, so she meets a guy online and they have plans to meet up at this music festival, XOXO, and things don't go as planned for her." Krystal's journey is one of several interconnected storylines in the ensemble film, streaming on Friday, Aug. Graham Phillips, Ryan Hansen and Chris D'Elia are among Hyland's co-stars. "The only person that you are really obligated to please is yourself.

The skinny jeans-wearing pair rehearsed their lines together for an upcoming episode of ABC’s hit drama .