Start Remington model 11 dating

Remington model 11 dating

There is some pitting on these parts from surface rust forming over the years, but you can still see how nicely polished they originally were.

The wooden shoulder stock featured an integral pistol grip handle that was ergonomically formed.

As a result of attention to details like this, the trigger still functions perfectly with a pull of 2 pounds 10 ounces.

It wasn’t especially pretty to look at when it was new, and there’s not much original bluing left now. That spring has plenty of tension left, I bet it will set off primers for another hundred years.

The barrel protruded ahead in a conventional fashion to which a forward sight was affixed over the muzzle. The Remington Model 11 was one of the many shotguns utilized by American forces in World War 2.

During the conflict, US warplanners procured all manner of weaponry and the United States was one of the few nations that went to war with the firepower of the combat shotgun.

The forend of the firearm sported a bulged wooden handguard under the barrel and fitted over the internal tube magazine, the magazine housing up to 5 x 12-gauge shells.

Charging of the weapon was through management of a handle along the right side of the body as part of the ejection port.

The Army Air Corps utilized a slightly modified version of the Model 11 to train aerial gunners in the fine art of leading a target in flight.