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Sitting on her left was Jagger, and I was of the opinion he was wearing make up."The police - and still less Keith's spaced-out party guests - would hardly have known it at the time, but the raid on Redlands would be a turning point in English social history.

I burst into tears when I saw myself."Yet she had no ambitions to be a singer, and never would have become one if the manager of the Rolling Stone, Andrew Loog Oldham, hadn't spotted the 17-year-old he charmingly dubbed "an angel with big tits" and packed her off to meet Mick Jagger.

As it was, her time as a authentic pop starlet lasted barely a year, 1964-65, peaking with the Jagger-Richards hit As Tears Go By.

In between, she's hanging out with the high-fashion crowd: the waifish supermodel Kate Moss is her clubbing pal.

Chroniclers of the Stones have long argued that she was Jagger's first manoeuvre in social climbing, and that her grace and confidence were the things he ultimately couldn't forgive her for.

" Duly persuaded, Lord Justice Parker, the Lord Chief Justice, quashed the jail terms and drug enforcement policy has never been quite the same since. She wasn't named in the court proceedings, but everyone knew it was Marianne.

An imperishable story took root that she was being aided and abetted in her frolics by a Mars bar.

Marianne has always defended her own legend with ferocity.