Start Pxesetup log not updating

Pxesetup log not updating

In automation, the client displays the Initial Deployment menu, but doesn't execute the task/job when selected. This occurs when the task/job instance is created and assigned before the computer resource has been correctly processed and created in the database.

You can also check our custom report about Distribution Point Monitoring to display all your DP status using a single click.

In Deployment Solution 7.1 up until MR4, there are timing issues that prevent Initial Deployment from correctly executing in many cases. Delta Resource Membership Update" Scheduled Task - running on a set scheduled interval which may not occur during the required time window. [Step 10] The most common issue associated with this is when the task/job is assigned to an 'empty resource' - a resource that has not yet been created in the database - so it does not associate with the client machine.

Replicate manually all your content or add your DP in an existing DP group. If you have multiple Distribution Point, I suggest you to read our post on 8 ways to monitor your distribution points.

Replicate a package or Application to your newly created site system Verify that the content is well replicated in the SCCM Console. This post explain in details the various options to make sure that your DP are healthy.

SCCM is making a check as if IIS is installed at the start of the process even if you tell SCCM to enable you IIS for you.

That results in errors but be patient and the installation should succeed anyway You can now replicate your content to your newly created DP.

In the next 16 parts, we will describe how to install the numerous site systems roles available in SCCM 2012 R2 and SCCM 1511.