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Politics of cyberdating

Most commonly, victims reported that abusive partners were using mobile apps, texting and other social networks to repeatedly contact them to see where they were and whom they were with.

Clicking on a message takes the recipient to a payment page, which has membership packages from 200 to 500 yuan.

Charges are payable for sending and reading messages, as well as online chatting and virtual gifting.

But the big question is why these dating websites are so popular?

And with one of the country's largest dating websites now listed on the Nasdaq in 2011, it looks like there's money to be made from China's singles.

China's single population is reshaping the market for dating websites.

The study is the first clinically based look at cyberdating abuse among young people who are using school-based health services, added senior investigator Elizabeth Miller, chief of the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Children’s.

“What surprised me about this study was the extent to which cyberdating overlaps with sexual and physical violence in dating relationships and even outside of them,” she said.

Those teens also were more likely to experience non-partner sexual assault and used contraceptives less often.