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Polish dating bedford

Fans can listen all day to her Sirius satellite radio channel, read Blueprint (her new magazine for younger nesters), and find the answer to every conceivable domestic question in Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, an encyclopedic 744-page guide published last year.

Some people might have banished themselves to a humiliated early retirement.

But in the two and a half years since her release from Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia, where she spent five months for making false statements to government investigators about her role in the Im Clone insider trading scandal, Stewart has jump-started her stalled company and moved forward full-throttle into a rich, packed, larger-than-life life. "I've always been fearless," she says, and you believe her.

Her only jewelry is a pair of sparkly aquamarine earrings; her nails are kept short, as befits a gardener and cook.

By the end of the ordeal, she'd resigned as chairman and CEO of her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (traded as MSO on the New York Stock Exchange), and — when MSO stock took a nosedive — lost hundreds of millions of dollars of her personal fortune.

Stewart made our dessert on the air earlier today with her guest Cheryl Hines, the actress who plays Larry David's wife on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. I experiment." I ask her if she ever goes on a diet. It's a wonderful pie, a pastel-yellow ode to refined sugar with lots of tangy lemon zest in it. Still, I'm fascinated to see for myself how deeply she cares about the details, to witness what she calls her "enthusiasm for everyday things." It's what gives her the authenticity that her fans love, what more than makes up for a manner that, as has been noted, can be bossy sometimes.

During our talk, Stewart is poised and in control, sitting with perfect posture in her office chair, never fidgeting. At 66, she's straightforward, occasionally blunt, often wry, with humor in her brown eyes and a youthfulness that may be in part a genetic blessing — she's always had terrific, glowing skin — but also comes from attitude, a buoyancy that has seen her through a spectacular public disgrace.

(The Martha Stewart no-nonsense approach to e-mail: "If it's important, I answer it.