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Parenthood actors dating

Also, why hasn't he been able to swing a hosting gig for Smulders?

That's why it will be such a big deal when Sarah comes face-to-face with her ex on Thursday and why questions about Ritter's return to the series have persisted no matter where his relationship with Sarah stands.

Even if he's not the perfect guy for Sarah, Mark is still a pretty damn near perfect guy.

(But did he do it because he had a growing crush on her?

) Although he wore too much hair gel and drove a Porsche (so pretentious), he was "a lot better than some of those doozies you used to bring around," as Zeek told Sarah.

Sure, when Sarah was engaged to Mark, she still felt the need to go with Hank to Los Angeles and help him mend things with his daughter, so it's obvious there was something she felt for Hank that she didn't feel for Mark.

(Or is it, as Mark told her, "You do this thing where every time there's something good in your life, something that's making you feel good about yourself or anything like that, you just run away from it.") But he put up with a lot of grief to be with Sarah.

Taran Killam ("Saturday Night Live") is married to Cobie Smulders ("How I Met Your Mother").

A big deal was made of this when Killam was hired onto "SNL," but that was before anyone knew who Killam was.

We know that he battled severe drug and alcohol addiction for years before getting clean in Season 3, and we know he was pretty much the world's worst father when Amber and Drew were growing up because he was always on the road with his band.

But for all his faults, Seth made great improvements on-screen to make up for the past.

Right before Sarah dated her boss at T&S Footwear, she enjoyed a flirtation with her younger co-worker, Mike.