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It's a very introspective series, and I really am interested to see where they will take it.

If Murray Miller and Bruce Eric Kaplan had written the entire season this would have been a show I would force my grandchildren to watch. It's kind of an adventure to figure out who you are, what you want and where to go.

She should watch those two episodes again and again to understand that crazy things don't have to happen with every new episode. I really feel that "GIRLS" makes a great job capturing that feeling.

What's most surprising about this is that it's really not at all plot- driven.

Laughs from start to finish, character development, awkwardness in all its beauty, and just great writing and execution.

Worth the watch for those that hate TV generally and for people who do other things with their time. I don't like TV, haven't since I hit puberty in 1987 (the illusions become weak for some when they hit life stages) and I like to live life.

LIke, not always inside twittering, watching, slothing, soda popping, gaming, flaming.

In season 2 Hannah is transformed into an extremely confident and kind of a bitchy wild party girl. Hannah having hot sex with hot guys that were ineptly planted in every other episode much like the shallow guest stars of Friends, more than enthusiastic to feed her already over-blown ego ("Beg me to stay"? Why would she call 911 on Adam as if she had just met him?