Start Online dating with match com

Online dating with match com

With investors, we were under a huge amount of pressure to [grow the company],” he says.

The site required users to do all of the searching and selecting themselves.

Often while still in his pajamas, he sat glued to his Sun workstation, designing Match’s Web site and developing marketing strategies.

The schedule became even more grueling after Kremen received $1.5 million in venture capital, allowing him to hire a handful of employees.

Kremen says the “relentless” work ethic at Match helped distinguish his site from the first flock of online dating services.

In the early days, Kremen worked out of a cramped, one-bedroom apartment that he shared with two roommates.

The next year, Cendant sold the company to IAC/Inter Active Corp, then still operating under the name Ticketmaster, for $50 million.

All Kremen got out of the transaction was $50,000 from selling his company stock and a lifetime account on the site.

estimates that more than 850 services currently make up the multi-billion-dollar dating industry.