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Online dating sites not charging fees

There's no link to their profile and they are not in my contact list.

So, I go online and am starting my profile, uploading photos but NEVER committing to a membership, nor did I pay for one. There is no way to see if members are active or if your messages are just going to cyberspace! Anyway, when I started the paying membership, those emails were GONE. I was told and kind of shamed saying that at my age it's "slim pickings" and assured me there are people. But the site was simple enough to use and I like that the site makes recommendations based on your values and lifestyle and not just on what you say you like or are looking for. Once again wish I had checked current reviews before trying them.

And, the next morning I start getting emails from people who can obviously see me but I can't see them! I tried calling customer service and of course, they're closed (1 844-527-7421). I went to site and was told that I didn't qualify to join because there were no matches for me. It is a huge disappointment especially with the competition being free! Well, I used a 20 year age range, 120 miles range... I work out diligently, I'm a professional, I take good care of myself, and have fun interests). I logged in after over a week ago, not 1 match or even a "what if". Years ago I think they were leading in the field, now not at all, and the reviews show it.

It is highly questionable if the Director of e Harmony Australia is even within the company. Giving it two stars because when I called to cancel (within the 3 day policy which I had found out about while reading reviews after my disappointing matches) the customer service rep, while still going through the "sell" routine was friendly and not too pushy and refunded my money without issue. You are very smart for reading reviews before joining - I didn't! (Even the guy stating he used the free communication weekend and it's how he met his girl). Which I thought odd, so I screenshot them with my cell. I did not pursue any dates through e Harmony because I kept worrying that the people would be similar to that man I knew.

I decided to give EH a shot as they make it sound so "safe", etc. With all the emails e Harmony sent me, I thought it would be a busy site and I liked the feel of the extra security. So, the free communication is EXACTLY what another reviewer said. After calling customer service and then having no answer other than they were updating their systems so some info didn't transfer over right away. I did not purchase the membership or continue with services after that, since it is pretty expensive and I thought the results I was likely to get wouldn't be great for me.

How much fraud and illicit account access is happening at e Harmony? And why is their answer to my inquiries as to where did "Joe", who sent me a smile, go? I have tried this service on 3 or 4 separate occasions. I actually had an argument with an ex over e Harmony which helped ultimately end my relationship with a person I was expecting to marry.

I found out he was going into his free account where he updated his photos and was winking at women he liked.

You end up paying Eharmony about $150 for a year's subscription and after 2 weeks you realize it is not worth it. He was into the same music he probably listened to in highschool, probably in the 60's. My words of advice: there is nothing wrong with YOU. Separated is just like being single without the divorce paper.

Then I get an email every day saying a member sent a new email is interested in me but it is the same email you have already checked. I guess it is my fault for trying it again each time hoping they have improved their system and deep down knowing it will be the same bull. Some of the man in this site they are only there to ask women for money. Why do they bother to ask your status if they won't let you go further if you are separated?

I cannot even access my "account" so that I can deactivate and remove my photos. I think I will try my luck elsewhere but it's only after I paid. Some matches they gave me in the past were not remotely in my range. Save your money, there is no free communication, period.

They let you set match preferences then overwhelm you with pictures and profiles that say so and so is a great match who just happens to be outside of your match preferences.

Also, in the first week I get an email from a guy who said he canceled and rarely goes in there and at first I did not understand how he was canceled and still able to send me emails. They go through and ask all the questions which is fine.