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Online dating for methodists

Worryingly, the report revealed that the number of perpetrators has remained consistent over the past 12 years and shows ‘no sign of decline’.

The largest branch of Methodism in England was organised by John Wesley.

It is a tribute to his charisma and powers of oratory that "Methodism" is commonly assumed to be Wesleyan Methodism unless otherwise stated.

His preaching centred upon the universality of God's grace for all, the effect of faith on character and the possibility of perfection in love during this life.

An Anglican priest, Wesley adopted unconventional and controversial practices, such as open-air preaching, to reach factory labourers and newly urbanised masses uprooted from their traditional village culture at the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Wesley insisted that Methodists regularly attend their local parish church as well as Methodist meetings.

In 1784 Wesley made provision for the governance of Methodism after his death through the 'Yearly Conference of the People called Methodists'.

A small group of students, including John Wesley, Charles Wesley and George Whitefield, met at Oxford University.