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The majority of the work carried out by this initiative will be on established NMR cell lines.

John Smith, a founding member of the NMRI, which identified the molecular basis of naked mole-rat acid-insensitivity.

It was shown that a variant in the voltage-gated sodium channel Na.

“Existing systems are costly and hard to use, so we decided to create an inexpensive hyperspectral camera and explore these uses ourselves,” said Neel Joshi, a Microsoft researcher who worked on the project.

“After building the camera we just started pointing it at everyday objects — really anything we could find in our homes and offices — and we were amazed at all the hidden information it revealed.” A typical camera divides visible light into three bands — red, green and blue — and generates images using different combinations of those colors.

But cameras that utilize other wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum can reveal invisible differences.

Near-infrared cameras, for instance, can reveal whether crops are healthy or a work of art is genuine.

The team of computer science and electrical engineers developed Hyper Cam, a lower-cost hyperspectral camera that uses both visible and invisible near-infrared light to “see” beneath surfaces and capture unseen details.