Start Mother fucing bathroom

Mother fucing bathroom

My mom gives me my breakfast and she was talking to me a lot about my birthday party and what she plans to celebrate it, but my mind was in the fun that ill have today with my “lover”. And when she goes around the corner, I turned back home, thinking of the day of pleasure I’ll have ahead.“I’m going to fuck your brains out dog’s.” I said.

I go to the backyard door looking for dog and I can’t find him. Then I walk up the stairs grab my father’s baseball bat and carefully walk down the hallway and I saw that my parent’s bedroom door partially open I take a brief look inside, when I heard my mom in my parent’s bath room talking with someone. For a moment I was in shock, she was talking to dog’s.

Oh, my God he ran out, it’s not the first time he does that! “No way, my mom is with my lover.” I talk to myself. My mom enters the room wearing a bathrobe followed by dog wagging his tail and sniffing her body.

I ran to the bathroom to take a shower I took off my panties and I rush to wash them so my mom won’t notice anything strange.

Then I turn on the shower faucet and jump into the shower I remember that hot water running down my body, I took the soap and start to rub it on my chest and belly; at that moment I started to feel horny again. My mom knocks the door: Honey, it’s getting late hurry up girl!

I saw dog approaching to the door and start barking I hesitate for a moment and hide; my mom call him back “Silly dog, why you are barking for.

We are alone common and finish your job.” I take a moment to regain my senses back, when I was completely recovered I sneak back to the door and see my mom kneel down with her face and arms on the edge of the bead and “Zeus” liking her pussy clean.

I took off the shower head and put it between my legs and that does the trick the running water does magic in my pussy, suddenly, I started to feel electric shocks running all my body the familiar cramps that I had every time I have an orgasm I start to come my knees where trembling. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for then when I was brushing my teeth’s I look at myself in the mirror and a devilish idea suddenly came to my mind, why not to stay at home and play with dog’s.