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Military dating scam

That can be greed for emotional fulfilment as well as for money: I remember a sad tale a few years' back in a women's magazine, some old dear pushing 70 and looking it, whose cruel family were trying to stop her selling her house to pay for her 26 year old Turkish waiter boyfriend having his mother's cancer treated. I don't find too many Nigerian Scammers here on POF. What I really don't understand though is why there are so many of them on the "strike a light"site.

They often slip up and parts of their profile describe them as a woman and part as a man....because they have copy/pasted their entire profile from other profiles.

Seems to me they probably get the names they use from an online phone book because they often have christain names that are more commonly used as surnames ie....

Much of this I must admit has been financed by my good fortune to win the Nigerian Lottery three times.

I have paid the fees to get the money out of the bank and am going there next month to meet the new love of my life and pick up my winnings.

And like most folk doesn’t listen to a word I say, unless I mention how incredibly rich I am.

Ahhh yes I remember one who called himself "Major whateverhisnamewas"...his profile said he'd joined the forces to look for excitemnt and adventure two years before....I remember thinking that he must be REALLY special to fly up through the ranks to "Major" in two years.

Then there are the ones who import gold, silver and diamonds. I asked him what kind of cars he imported and he answered "big ones".

Best one I thought was the one who had a deeply religious profile......a profile pic of a bloke wearing a "Hooters" t-shirt.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Major Jackson Smith...Mr Brooks Williamson etc etc I feel sorry for you girlies, we blokes don't get such hassle just very genuine people often in need of a little help in life.