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Lucas till dating

Before they were officially a couple -- but months after they had a rumored fling in April 2012 -- Swift wrote "I Knew You Were Trouble.,” from “Red,” about Styles.

He then accused the girl and Starbucks of ageism, adding that he had just asked her to dinner and 'didn't even show her the Washington state age of consent link.''I was flirted with by a barista. 'I know the female Starbucks barista was of legal age to date. I have a whole webpage dedicated to age gap love', he wrote.

as she continues to generate a seemingly endless supply of song writing material through a similarly endless string of busted relationships.

Lucas then says that Justin was a nice guy and that they go good together.

October 25, 2012 — Sources confirm that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy had parted ways one month prior. November 14, 2012 — Taylor and One Direction band member Harry Styles are spotted hanging out backstage during a filming of .

It is only the second Taylor Swiftology badge we have ever awarded, the other belonging to the writer of this article’s companion post, “Decoding Taylor Swift clues: List of songs and the exes and other people they’re about.” 2005 — Taylor dates Brandon Borello, a senior, during her freshman year of high school.

The relationship ends when he goes off to college, but she goes on to write three songs about him including “Tim Mc Graw,” “Our Song,” and “Fifteen,” and he is flattered.

We plowed through some of Swift's biggest hits and matched the lyrics to 10 of Swift's high-profile (reported) former relationships.

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