Start Lots fish dating

Lots fish dating

Been using Plenty Of Fish since I split with my baby mama an I can say for sho that its not the answer on its own.

Be smart and you can meet good people but if yall think its a few clicks and then love, its time to get real yo.

I have been on POF for a long time , with very little luck , have been on dates that have led to short relationships .

I am happily engaged to an amazing gentleman and yes, I met him via the site.

In my college years, I was not as knowledgebale or serious, for that matter, about the site. It wasn't until I graduated and had the understanding of dating sites that I began to receive awesome results.

I use Plenty Of Fish but im not stupid enough to think it can help me alone so I use We Just with it.

Dat way I get dates set up enough that I dont go crazy waiting, feel me?

If the option to block someone is only through a member account meaning for me to pay,this website is not worth my money and I will go on every POF page there is to make sure my report is seen.