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Unlike in the United States, he does not have to prove his reputation, livelihood, or social standing have been harmed, legal experts said.

He contended that Horowitz would incite community violence against him and his family while the visiting rabbi was in Har Nof to give a lecture on child safety.

In the defamation suit, Weinberg’s Israeli lawyer, Eitan Lehman, took issue with the comparison.

“How dare Horowitz use the Har Nof massacre, when everyone is on high alert, to compare my client to such people? Update: Weinberg, who didn’t respond to two Daily Beast requests for comment sent via email, returned a message after the publication of this article Sunday.

However, some have a checkered past and exploit the system to evade justice,” he said.

Waks said he is aware of multiple sex offenders—some convicted and in other cases alleged perpetrators—who have sought refuge in Israel.

He said was unaware that he was being sued because he never opened the documents that a stranger threw at him while he was in the middle of teaching hundreds of people in a Jerusalem lecture hall late at night.

To win a defamation case in Israel, a plaintiff must only prove that degrading things had been said or written about him.

Weinberg’s Brooklyn-based lawyer, Samuel Karliner, who helped him manage sex-offender registry requirements while he was in the United States, said his client did not flee to Israel, as Horowitz’s tweets contended, and that he had been planning to move there with his family for some time.