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Lars ulrich dating

His paternal grandmother, Ulla Meyer, was from a Jewish family; as a result, Ulrich's grandfather was persecuted by the Nazis during World War II.

In 1981, he discovered British heavy metal band Diamond Head.

He was excited about the band's style of music after purchasing their debut album Lightning to the Nations, and traveled from San Francisco to London to see the band perform live at the Woolwich Odeon.

As a result of his newfound interest in music, he received his first drum kit, a Ludwig, from his grandmother around the age of 14 or 15.

In the documentary Anvil: The story of Anvil, Ulrich states that witnessing a Y&T show was his defining moment in deciding to become a musician.

" [Laughs] It's about respecting other people's right to privacy or their choices. There have been periods in my life, not so much recently, where I would spend a lot of money on clothes. We were in Russia in '91, in the thick of the fall of the Soviet Union.

Listen, I'm not saying that it would be 300 pages of crazy stories; I'm just saying I don't think I could ever write [a memoir] because I think I would always be concerned that I was saying something about somebody else that they may not want to share. I'd spend, like, three grand on a suit, and two years later you're looking through your closet, like, "Fuck, there's that suit I bought. It's still got fucking tags on it." Thankfully, it's not something that happens much anymore. I just wish I had opened my eyes a little more because I don't have a recollection of what was going on around me.

We sort of occupy a kind of a middle ground on that side of it, in terms of fame and celebrity.