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K9 chat adult

However, with continued support and use of K9, we will be able to add more features.

Full grooms, Hand-strip, clipped, scissor finishes, ears cleaned and toe nails clipped.

I have also groomed a Standard Poodle for Crufts showing. No cages needed as they are welcome to come into our home at break times or waiting to be picked up.

There is no major difference in effectiveness between teenagers and children.

This is a feature that we would like to add to K9 at some point, but we do not have any information on when this feature might be available.

Usage of the tool: The tool provides some options to react, when a website has been blocked, but these are mainly addressed to parents and not to children.

The default message could be optimised with respect to children's capability of understanding. The customization is very flexible, offering the parent the possibility to choose among different levels of restriction or to customize his/her own profile.

There are barely any options to influence or individualise the process and the tool does not provide options to create various user profiles.