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Itemupdating vs itemupdated

Simply put, the Item Updating and Item Updated fire twice when adding a document to a library that has the Require Check Out option enabled.

I should also point out that I know the difference between a metaphor and simile in case that was bothering you from the opening sentence.

I am nothing if not a masterful linguist after a beer or two or more.

Hopefully you know about item event receiver if you are having problems with them firing twice.

If not, kudos to you for tackling the object model with reckless abandon.

With that in mind, Share Point 2010 is like a sea of icebergs – there is a lot going on under the surface that you may not notice until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, that makes your project like the Titanic.

I have a user request where a Document Library with Content Approval turned on, wants the name of the person who approved the document.

So I created an "Approver" column and want to create an Event Receiver to capture the users name that is approving the document and write it out to the "Approver" column. Bismarck You want the Item Updated event on the SPItem Event Receiver which occur after the List Item (ie content) has been updated.

Item Event Receivers derive from the SPItem Event Receiver class and have a number of methods that can be overridden to respond to various events: As you look through this list, you should notice that events have two types of endings: WARNING: One major gotcha you should know about the SPItem Event Receiver class is that while you can implement multiple list item event handlers in a single class, Share Point instantiates a new instance of that class for each individual event it needs to handle.

What this means is that you cannot store data in instance-level variables and share that data between event handlers.

Developing a Sharepoint application would have all the fun of a video game, if only you had infinite lives.