Start Internet dating and human trafficking

Internet dating and human trafficking

If someone offers you big money to be a waitress, hostess, model, dancer or traveling companion, or to just hang out, you’d be wise to avoid the potential trap.

Coercion is also a common method that traffickers use to target victims, particularly young children and teens who are kidnapped.

Sex trafficking accounts for 58 percent of all global trafficking cases, and the crime is more common in the Americas, Europe and Central Asia, according to the U.

N.'s 2012 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons."Women are lured out of their homes and countries with false promises," U. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a 2012 press release.

The mental scars last a lifetime." "This is the first use of Tinder in Ireland for a campaign of this nature and one of the first globally," Cathal Gillen of Eighty Twenty stated on the agency's website.