Start I have given up dating

I have given up dating

What I learned in the process is that all you receive from such short term attention is a deeply distrustful validation about who you are, superficially wrapped in fluffy words and 200 dollar bottles of sauvignon blanc, all made with an attempt to get you to have sex with them.

Minutes after I boarded a flight, he sent me a message that I didn’t receive until two days later, telling me that he thinks that coming to see him was a bad idea.

I spent the summer of 2014 trying to figure out how to get over this man, especially when I realized that I just couldn’t allow myself to move on, so enamored had I been with his intellect.

), and there is something absolutely wrong about someone who doesn’t care about wanting to get to know you as a person for weeks, months, perhaps even years, before you allow for any form of physical intimacy.

Years of wearing braces and being the nerd in the back of the class, alongside being absolutely harangued and gutted when I was the laughing stock of my high school class for having the biggest crush on the Australian hottie (who grew up to be a pot bellied underachiever, go figure), meant that I never quite learned how to love myself from a very early age, and somehow, through all the personal successes I was having in terms of my academics and in my professional life, this gap was never addressed, and unfortunately, I was addressing this through men, who, for whatever their personal reasons were, never cared enough about me as a human being, but more about me as an object.

In other words, compassion, in my mind, was inseparable from love.

Furthermore, through the writing of the piece, what struck me more was that it was the love of money that would have made the story move forward, but with an “A” under my belt, I chose not to to think about this assignment until fairly recently, where I began to ponder about this early observation about equalling love with compassion, and the absolute necessity of doing thus.

The assignment was to compose a fictitious piece through extrapolating on one of two statements: “Love Makes the World Go Around,”or “Money Makes the World Go Around.” Being the idealistic and naive 13 year old, I wrote a piece that I still remember, about the year 2770, where a paleontologist discovers some wonderfully rare remains of the tyrannosaurus rex, and realizes that because there is not enough compassion left in the world to care about these remains, that he cannot do anything with his discovery.