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Helen fisher dating site

Broadly speaking, explorers seek to partner with fellow explorers; and builders seek fellow builders.

So you gotta find out what you like about the person and focus on it."WHAT'S YOUR TYPE?

Dr Helen Fisher's questionnaire serves to divide people into four personality types: explorers (the fun, adventurous ones), builders (reliable home-makers), directors (the powerful, bossy kind) and negotiators (empathetic communicators).

Fisher says that a study of the brains of people in happy, long-term relationships reveals strong activity in this 'accepting' region of the brain. I was finishing his sentences, walking a couple of steps ahead, getting annoyed in the rain. He might walk slowly and talk slowly but when we go to the Metropolitan Museum, he can look at a picture for a long time and talk about it, and I see so much more in it because of him.