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She had a good record until June 2008, when she was given a final written warning for, among other things, leaving work without permission and accepting free accommodation with a hotel in return for recommending it to club visitors.

Although the club had a written disciplinary procedure that gave "inappropriate use of internet" as an example of gross misconduct, it did not have a written internet policy.

Mr Gilyeat (who was also in charge of the club's policies and procedures) did not at any time take steps to ensure that employees were aware of the club's informal stance that personal internet during working time had to be "reasonable" and not "excessive".

The 44-year-old single mother of Hellertown, Pennsylvania says that despite struggling with PTSD, she was able to support her children through her job at a local lighting corporation; as well as with help from her boyf On Tuesday, the Washington Examiner reported that Sen.

Ted Cruz is reviving his fight for the United States to strip citizenship from Americans who join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

What's paradoxically entertaining is I agree with what with Marine did. Anyway, go check it out, comes with a smile for miles warranty.

This day in history, February 15, 1898, the USS Maine exploded and sunk in Cuba's Havana Harbor, killing 260 Americans on board.

He was working as a photographer in the Army's media operations team.

"It was a hostile area, where the helicopter went down," said Major John Thomas, a spokesman for Nato's International Security Assistance Force.

Mat Best is best known for his comedy skits and videos that he puts out for the military community.

Some of his biggest hits are "Dating In The Military" and "How To Be Tacticool," but this time, Best shows a more serious side of himself and how the military had an impact on h On Friday, the Associated Press reported that a memo obtained by the news service outlined a proposal by the Trump administration that considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to catch illegal immigrants.

He boa..."Husband, Father, and famed Vietnam Veteran U. He had reportedly suffered a stroke earlier in the week."American Military News will share the livestreams of the ceremonies beginning at 1 PM and 2 PM EST. If this does not get your patriotism flowing, nothing will!!!