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Epoch adult dating

Read Full Review Just like all the other reviewers, they tried to take money from my account without authorization. Luckily my CC company is onto this and declines to pay them. Read Full Review Don't trust other have taken money from people all around the world you will become broke and poor and homeless or you have no money left get bank reports to stop this get a financial advisor all you addicts get off sites or epoch will take from your account you will be homeless poor or no job protect your account from them don't let them take from you study your bank reports to stop this. Read Full Review I haven't encountered billing issues (yet).

Read Full Review Written on: 29/05/2015 That is not always the case.

They are deceptive in one thing , be deceptive and fraudulently pulling money out of your account…

Read Full Review Written on: 24/02/2014 Your complaint is not with Epoch.

Written on: 02/06/2015 So thats why I can't use my Paypal Smart Connect on this one site I frequent.