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Empowered dating

Wolfe would be returning to the arena that had made a cautionary tale of her, and she wanted to create a dating app notably different from its predecessors, one that would empower women.

) “I wanted to start a social platform app that would encourage kindness among a younger demographic of women, more of the junior high or high school set,” Wolfe elaborated to , “It’s such an impressionable age for girls, and it’s a time they’re likely to be affected negatively by bullying.

The original goal was to make something similar to Snapchat or Instagram where you could only talk to one another in kindness, whether it’s through emojis or pre-approved comments.” But when Andrey Andreev, founder and CEO of Badoo, approached Wolfe to collaborate last year, he convinced her to come back to the dating app world.

She’s also been a pivotal voice against the inexcusably misogynistic and sexist behavior that permeates Silicon Valley after becoming a victim of it herself; and after she settled her very public sexual harassment and workplace discrimination case against Tinder last year, Wolfe wanted to return to the app world in a more meaningful way.