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Dunhill dating pipes

Loring, his collections, and his writings on the subject of Dunhill pipes.

Originally stamped “DRC”, the pipe was re-stamped later with EXEX over the “DRC” designation, and later “Made in England” stamps. I suspect this was a replacement pipe, an exchange for another Root, and the DRC was just what was in stock at the time. The bottom piece is an example of the FET shape from 1924. A 1937 Shell LB, showing beautiful ring grain, and a lovely patina. When I got the pipe, there was a hairline crack forming at the end of the shank, so I installed the band.

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This is a particularly nice example of both the shape and the finish. The Redbark is from the first year this finish was offered, and is my most recent acquisition. Two examples of the P shape, the classic bent bulldog. The Shell is from the 20s (stampings are weak), and is the most beautifully cut bent bulldog I've ever owned. The top piece is from 1918, and carries the #24 stamp, which was the size of the “Inner Tube,” not the shape.