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Duggars beliefs on dating

, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar‘s two eldest daughters, Jill and Jessa, have become the main focus of the show as they prepare to marry their longtime suitors, Derick Dillard and Ben Seewald.

PHOTOS: Failed reality TV romances "As far as our kids dating, we believe a lot of times if you're alone with the person, it can create desires that can kind of get stirred up, and you don't have any accountability, and [that] can kind of lead to some hanky panky," Jim Bob explained on the show. "Courtship is really getting to know each other for the purpose of possibly getting engaged and getting married," the father of 19 said. "Obviously we're saving our first kiss for marriage," Ben said.

Jessa, who is now engaged to her boyfriend, Ben, whom she plans to marry on Nov.

1, has also shared that the idea of finally having sex is motivation to keep engagements very, very short. Tell us, Hollywood Lifers — Do you think the Duggar family is too strict with their children, or are these all reasonable restrictions to put on the courtships?

“Anna had a terrible time with it,” the family insider tells Radar.