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Dating vs hanging out dallin h oaks

After his fireside, it became apparent that young single adults need to reevaluate how they approach their social interactions with the opposite sex and break down obstacles that may be hindering the dating experience.

In preparation for this evening, I studied a talk given at a recent CES fireside for young adults. For me, studying his talk was both edifying and poignant.

The date was Sunday, February 6, and the setting was the Marriott Center at BYU. You will remember that Elder Nelson asked you “to think about yourself, not as you are, but as you may become—50 years from now.” He asked, “What do you want 50 years from now?

” He then gave a great message on “Faith and Families.” He told about his own life and that of his dear companion, Dantzel.

He talked about their long struggle to get an education.

A paired off and planned activity where the couple is either alone, or together in a group of other couples.

In this scenario there is a temporary (for the duration of the date) commitment to each other.

You don’t need to ask a girl on a date with flowers, you don’t need to spend lots of money (or any at all) and you don’t need to act like a different person just because you’re on a date.