Start Dating vintage cars

Dating vintage cars

The Tefen vintage car collection features some forty models of cars dating from the early 20th century to the present.

The common feature shared by all cars on display at both Tefen and Omer Open Museums is the fact that they all actually traveled the roads of Israel at one time or another.

The cars were located and purchased from scrap yards in various states of deteriorating chassis and some of them have undergone a lengthy, expensive and painstaking process of reconditioning and restoration that required a great deal of automotive knowledge.

Sure, you could guess that these pants were from the “seventies,” but we wanted to know specifically.

Well, we did the research and are now passing it along to you.

However, from April 2014 any car manufactured before January 1 1974 will be entitled to a free tax disc.

As a result of the change, one classic car insurer is predicting that the value of cars built in 1973 could increase by up to 10 per cent.

In addition to vintage clothing, we have deep interests in several other types of collectibles: vinyl records, sports memorabilia, Hollywood memorabilia, vintage cars, vintage video games, vintage toys and vintage musical instruments, to name a few.

Some might call us hoarders, but we always say: it isn’t hoarding if your stuff has good resale value! If you’re looking for 1960s cars, then just check out the 1960s section.

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