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Dating dinner parties london

For us this is another way of communication and expression. Helen: The main dish here - this veal shanks with cream sauce.

That is why we tell stories at our parties – we have created dish cards, which tell the funny facts from Russian history, cooking traditions and links it with the dish in front of the guest.

The Czar’s Banquet- about The Czar’s Banquet is the birth child of Helen & Olga- two girls from far flung corners of the globe (Australia & Russia to be exact!

Moreover, some dishes are controversially Russian (like borsch originally is from Ukraine, but it is undeniably the most symbolic of all soups from Russia), but marketing has not been canceled yet.

Their pop-up-dinner called "The Czars banquet." Dinner menu is not replica of a single banquet, one way or another connected with the czars and their menus.

Every night is a uniquely special occasion and guests always find themselves chattering away well into the early hours.

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The night is dressed up in an imperial Russian theme as the girls aim to educate and share the wonders of Russian cuisine - a misunderstood culinary tradition with many surprising and little discovered palette pleasing gems.