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Consolidating p29

Queries in Access can be viewed either in the Design grid or the SQL view. That way you can become more comfortable using the Design grid, which is usually quicker and easier to develop in. This will work by getting the minimum value of the booleans gen1 - gen6 (separately).

I have to sort each of the def1-def23 columns from the old table into the def1-def6 columns from the new table preserving the other data in the records. I would suggest that it may be good experience for you to look at the resultant query in the design grid after entering it into the SQL view. This relies on the TRUE value == -1 and FALSE == 0.

Perhaps you could explain how this should work in your scenario? What I have been trying to do is an append query and messing with the conditional statements.

It seems that a group of the old records get written as a single new one. So if def2, def4, and def5 are the only boxes checked in the old table for that record, the new table will only have def1 checked and all the other information verbatim.

Simple would be finding the relevant information in the question ;) Unfortunately, if I'm reading what you have written correctly, then you have also omitted to explain how your consolidation should work. Each record has columns def1 through def23, which needs to change into def1-def6 in the new table.