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Conscious green spiritual on line dating

I was impressed enough to Google the author and discovered a whole world revolving around his books. More Googling brought me to the EARTH ABIDES project web site, hosted by the same biographer, Donald M. By this time, I was engaged enough by the book, the author (and Mr. Western News asked faculty to submit any new books for possible review. I'm as active as I want to be, which is a perfect zone to stroll around in. (Yikes.) Merle got me a bottle of 18-year-old Glenfiddich and the CD Tell Laura I Love Her (Big Hit, 1960... Those were the days we thought we'd all have a Corvette and tool across America at leisure. ) But I digress (an allowance at my age)Stumbled across an entry on me that I didn't realize was on the internet. a kind of (rare) family cohesion that is so difficult to assemble or coordinate as everyone gets older and constructs their own lives as adults. There are about 30,000 students there, and it is a big place. Riding the train for 2 hours each way leaves me time to enjoy reading. The Drop, too, is the recipient of a host of positive reviews, whetting my appetite. Family note: my brother has asked me not to update his chemo treatments here, preferring more privacy now. We had the above-mentioned mix of days, but overall, enjoyed ourselves lots. Last night, we went to see The Dark Knight, and we're still recovering and talking about it. He stands as a giant in my eyes in terms of character and strength.

Shadow of Ashland will be featured in Amazon's Kindle Monthly Deal throughout the month of January, 2016. That anthology has just been reissued as an E-Book by Chi Zine, bringing the original novelette back into print via the digital world. Early last summer (see May 25/14 entry below), I mentioned that I'd sent off both Sailing Time's Ocean and The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind to John Douglas at Open Road, and that they were being considered for re-publication there. A trip out East is merited quite soon to meet the fine broth of a lad. Also watching the 1988 mini-series Lonesome Dove again (on DVD). Prices ranged from a low of about $50 to well over $300 (picture my eyebrows rising as I checked the racks). Maybe you can let yourself imagine the various reactions (they were interesting, including long distance calls to Snow Valley... Likely replacing them with ones better than those borrowed, as a show of repentance.- Conor and Jenn have a name picked for the baby... We lost power for a couple of days (and froze) and then our furnace cut out twice (a capacitor and heat regulator dying -- or being blown due to on/off power surges) -- and we froze... Daniel got his X-Box One for Xmas, Merle got that fancy hair-curler, and I got the handful of books that I'd been eyeing (the latest from Michael Connelly, Lee Child, James Lee Burke, Henning Mankell, and the Bobby Orr memoir). I've been online a lot the last week with my class at Western, familiarizing myself with the whole (new to me) concept of Distance Learning. It was great fun, and it was also Daniel's first live theatre exposure. Conor (and Angela) and Daniel and Owen all here with Merle and me. I gave Merle some Nahema perfume and an oak bedroom valet. Will check in again soon to confirm.beable to teach both courses -- one on the Wednesday evening, the other on the Thursday morning (stay over in London one night a week). I cannot remember why the years to be covered began in 1977."He lists the story's date as 1993, a bit of a puzzle to me (it was first published in 1985, saw subsequent intermittent reprints; perhaps the date is the year in which he read it). Thought about it, wrote up a proposal for it, and Roger Graves, Head of the Writing Program, is going to present it to the powers-that-be and (theoretically) get it approved. Met and chatted with lots of folks (some from years ago...

The special price applies to all other E-Book dealers as well. Part of the experience of teaching, of being involved with students, getting to know them. And the most memorable sporting event of the Fall (I mentioned the Blue Jays in my September post) was Game 5 between Texas and the Jays, and Bautista's bat-flip. It's only a matter of time before everything in print will be out there in the void. The ensuing 6 months saw some personnel shifts, with John handing over the reins to Emma Pulitzer (yes, from that Pulitzer family), and only last week I was told by her that the 2 books had moved to the top of her list and that amendments to add them to my contract were underway. And another example of how Patience is the virtue that sustains one in the world of publishing. And to mark the occasion of my new seniority, I've updated the photo of myself that has graced this site's main page since its inception (14 years ago). I scouted around and came up with a cropped shot taken at a cottage in northern Ontario back in 2011. It was the perfect vehicle, especially with big brother Conor as a pirate in the 4-person cast. Lots of irons in the fire, lots of possibilities, but currently in stasis of sorts. I got a handful of wonderful books (The Film Club by David Gilmour; Exit Ghost by Philip Roth; Born Standing Up by Steve Martin). At Michael and Gina's on December 15, lunch with Greg Hughes on the 19th, Eugene and Anna (with Jan and Alus) and Steve and Fannie here on the 23rd, Bill and Judy here this evening (the 27th), and Alex over for dinner on the 30th. 8 of his 20 stories -- understandably, given his life in and around Melbourne (where he still lives) -- are by Australians. I'm not going to reproduce the entire list, but to provide a context, I thought some might find the first 20 of interest: Very little to report... If it happens, they tell me they'll schedule it appropriately for me. It would be a workshop course called Creative Writing: Fiction (The Short Story). voices and faces from the past) and saw lots of books get into the hands of avid readers. Amy Lavender Harris (professor at York University... Next upcoming is the annual Toronto Word on the Street Festival, which draws circa 200,000 people for the day-long event.

On Reading Week from Western, so my reading this week has been both public and private. I remember the 1984 Detroit Tigers, who came out of the gate that year with a 30-5 record and nobody caught them. Stopped in Mallow, county Cork, the spot from which the Greens emigrated during the famine in 1850, and actually found the street (Bridewell Lane read Frank Mc Courts Angelas Ashes...) where my great-grandfather Matthew Green was born in 1840. In a month Ill be back teaching at Western, and Ive agreed to a Reading (set up by Sandra Katsuris Chi Series: ( on Wednesday, September 16, at the Round Venue (https:// in Torontos Kensington Market area. And Open Road is releasing both Sailing Time's Ocean and The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind as e Books next week (July 7), so get ready to Download. Amazon's got them, along with scores of others (Googling will light the lamp). They're using Phil's New Digs, the piece I wrote back in 2008, commissioned by musician Russ Walker for his Autocondo web site. The 3 Ashland books have been read by Chris Sorensen (again, see Dec 14/14 entry below), and are headed down the line to for mastering and final production. has also licensed The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind and Sailing Time's Ocean for audiobooks. Re-read Robert Daley's novel Man with a Gun, and Merle, Daniel and I got out to see the film The Imitation Game, the story of Alan Turing, the Cambridge math genius who cracked the Nazi codes in WW2, essentially invented the computer, and was subsequently persecuted for his homosexuality (shades of Oscar Wilde), suiciding at age 41. And I needed a newer, more reliable machine to handle the online courses I'm now involved with (see Feb 15/14 below). I don't want a new car (but that's something I'll transcend shortly, as the Toyota winds down). Here they are The cold spell (noted below, Jan 12), seems to have passed -- finally. He needed snow (or ski) pants for the trip (we're not a skiing family), so I sauntered over to the local Canadian Tire and Sport Chek stores mid-week to see what was available (and how much). Merle called on Michele, our next-door neighbour (whose family does ski) and asked if she could borrow a pair for Daniel for the day. Not just Toronto, but most of North America east of the Rockies was caught in a stunning deep-freeze the last couple of weeks -- and all of the corollaries of an event like that. My life keeps shifting gears, taking me down new roads. Just came back yesterday (Sunday) from an overnight trip to London (Ontario). We actually all played Monopoly Christmas evening (Daniel loving it) before I drove Conor and Angela home for the night. One of them, always erudite and interesting and literary, is Steam Engine Time, edited by Australian Bruce Gillespie, a writer and critic I've respected for more than 30 years. A social growth cannot find out the use of steam engines, until comes steam-engine time.")In a piece titled Enjoy a Good Short Story, Gillespie lists his favorite short fiction (SF and Fantasy) published between 19. ) He writes: "The following list was prompted by discussion on one of the email groups (probably Fictionmags) more than a year ago. Sunday, September 30, was Toronto's annual Word on the Street Festival.

The result is that I'm quoted extensively throughout her article Anatomy of a Successful Short Story, in the 2015 Novel and Short Story Writer's Guide: 34th edition, ed. Turns out I'm in good company (Poe, Bukowski, William Trevor, Margot Livesay, et al.) Re-read Robert Daley's Wall of Brass. And currently immersed in the Horton Foote biography, Blessed Assurance. Western University's Department of English Language and Literature's title changed a couple of years ago to the Department of English and Writing Studies, conjoining the fields of Literature and Writing, signaling a 21st Century recognition of the equality of the two fields and their separate strengths. There's a chance it may work itself out over time, but the only real option is surgery to free it up. Now that it's out of the way, I'm onto insurance matters. I like to read these types of lists/commentaries, and suspect many others do as well.

I think most of us are in this same boat, sailing blindly into the future. (Same thing happened the time I tried James Patterson. Three older John Clarkson novels: much better summer fare. Best book recently, though: The Singer's Gun, by Emily St. (You might recall her name from my Dec 22, 2015 posting.) Complex, well written, engaging, morally ambiguous. Two years ago, in an earlier post (April 20, 2014, below Check it out) I made my case for not wanting Change in my life. The latest: Western University has changed the system of its mail completely. The anxiety has been rising, and Ive been dealing with it. The technology wont sit still, so I gritted my teeth migrated along with the other captive immigrants. Sold in a couple of days for virtually what I paid for it 16 years ago. I think I managed to keep it in one of those time warps Ive come to appreciate. Merle, Daniel and I watched DVDs of Collateral and Bull Durham -- both under-rated movies -- and Merle and I are re-watching Breaking Bad the same way (up to Season 4). The Reading at The Round Venue 2 nights ago was, frankly, a funky blast. Merle, Daniel, Conor, Jenn and Emily Perkins (Emily is my nephew Patricks daughter, which make her my grand-niece I think) and her man Mike were there. And Xmas is coming at us headlong (great word, headlong... And did I mention that I made the University Students' Council Teaching Honour Roll for the academic year 2012-2013? As I've said (below, Dec 4/11), just when I figure I'm beyond caring about stuff like this, I surprise myself by realizing that I'm gratified by any sort of recognition. What I couldn't get my head around was the amount of dismemberment and disfigurement that accompanies it all. I think we're just talking about simple bad taste here. In fact, I think I'll give any others in the series a pass. Hoping the thaw continues at a moderate pace so there's no flooding. I realize it's not anywhere near state-of-the-art, but that's fine by me.

And while Im at it, The Danforth Review (TDR) also published a previous piece of my autobiographical fiction" back in 2008, which I dont believe Ive ever linked up on this site. Couldnt stay interested in the story, no distinctive voice). And finally, Ive resorted to Elmore Leonards novels (once more) to get me through my summertime leisure. Long past time I should have checked in and updated. Wrapped up my classes at Western back in the early part of April. And my colleague from Western, Kathryn Mockler, showed up a wonderful surprise. The Leafs traded Kessel and the Jays whomped the Red Sox 11-2. Most of the sites I visit have evolved during that span from curious, interesting personal spaces to pretty dazzling, slick entities, maintained by professional web-hosters (precision menus, search engines...).

I read somewhere that hes written over 500 songs and some of them will be around a long time. Re-read Frank Mc Courts Angelas Ashes, Frederik Pohls Gateway, and others which (clearly) have faded which in itself is a comment of sorts. not quite the zip I used to have...), and it made me smile. Clearly, they're venturing gamely and bravely and aggressively into the modern publishing world of the 21st century. I'll begin writing up the new course as soon as possible. I can't express how upsetting and distracting this is. My son, Owen, 27 years old, has moved out to his own place (yesterday).