Start Common the rapper who is he dating

Common the rapper who is he dating

A lot of Hollywood couples connect on the set and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for the pair to have developed feelings while working together.

This wasn't the first time the two have been romantically linked.

In 2014, there were reports that there was something going on between the two.

"If I were her, I'd consider Drake a snack instead of the main course.

The pair have been caught on camera kissing in public after what appears to be another date night.

The source (who hasn’t been identified) confirmed that Common and Dern did have dinner together at The Montage earlier this month.

They even confirmed that Common has met Laura Dern’s children. Instead, claims that Dern and Common worked on a movie together and their meeting was a friendly one.

Many have said they wish Common had stayed with Serena Williams or Taraji P.